Tuesday, November 28, 2006


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Worrying times...

Hi, my name is Sive.

I am the MD of a small UK PR Agency based in London and have been 'at the helm' for ten years now.

It's not easy running a tech PR agency these days, not that it ever was.

It has come to light that I actually am very out of touch with what makes good PR these days - something that I am ashamed to admit. I feel like a fraud, as my whole business is about public relations.

My staff look to me for advice, but I suspect that they don't really respect my opinion. I have surrounded myself with good people for a long time to take the attention away from my inadequacies as a boss and as a business leader. My company is crumbling away from beneath me, and I'm afraid that the house of cards that I have spent ten years building is about to come tumbling down.

The thing is, it's all my fault.

We're losing clients by the minute and any clients we do win are won on the basis of a lie.

I hate my job. My company. Myself.

How can I restore order and regain my staff's faith in me? I've made too many big mistakes of late and I know that I've become a liability within my own PR agency. I know that deep down, the business would be better off without me.

Oh well...